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Founders Meg and Ryan love traveling to see new things, explore different cultures and are always looking for something that is out of the ordinary. On one of their trips they met a very special and talented person from the Philippines. Pamela, a young, up-and-coming designer who made these silly-looking sandals made out of pieces of real coconut shell. The sandals were very raw and far from ready to hit the public, but they saw through the imperfections and began to envision new ideas to enhance this unique new concept. After years of experimenting and dozens of prototypes, they finally found the perfect combination of beauty, comfort, durability and coconut. Who would have thought that one could wear real coconuts on their feet? A fun tropical experience for you and your feet! Keikei’s Coconut Sandals debuted in January of 2012 and the coconut sandal craze began to unravel across the globe. You can find Keikei’s in stores all over the mainland US, Hawaii, Mexico, Japan and the Virgin Islands. Kaylor “Keikei” David is the son of Meg and Ryan David. At three years old, he assumes the role as one of America’s youngest vice-presidents for a company. Kaylor is his actual name but he goes by Keikei (kay-kay).

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