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JJ Rabbit was started by husband and wife couple, Kai and Michael, in Brooklyn, NY, and was later relocated to Austin, TX. Kai comes from the fashion world. After graduating from Parsons School of Design, she worked for some of the top design-driven companies, such as Ralph Lauren, Nike, and Comme des Garcons. With the Boston Consulting Group, Michael spent years helping the largest consumer goods companies in the world design and manufacture better products, with a particular focus on innovating products using new materials and advances in material sciences – such as the eco-plastic found in many JJ Rabbit products. Naturally, when Kai and Michael learned they were pregnant with their first child, their design and manufacturing experience turned towards safe, sustainable, and environmentally responsible children’s products. Out of frustrations and late-night inspirations, JJ Rabbit was born.So, who is JJ Rabbit? Well, he is always there with you during meal time, putting a little magic into every bite and every sip. He loves you and wants you to have fun. He believes in enjoying life and cherishing moments.
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