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Imagine this – you are home with your new baby and want to get out of the house to run errands, have lunch with friends or just go for a walk. As a parent you are concerned with keeping baby safe and protected from the outside elements, sun and germs when out in their infant car seat. There are so many different options to cover and protect baby with but none that are easy to use and care for. Time and time again the above scenario is exactly what happened to Lauren Lang, the mom of two boys as well as Founder and President of Imagine Baby. Out of frustration from using a blanket to cover/protect her babies and a desire for a better solution, Lauren set out to create her own product that would protect baby when in an infant car seat and stay securely in place, all while being easy to use. Thus, Imagine Baby was launched and The Shade was born! Imagine Baby is a company creating innovative products that make parents’ lives easier. The Shade is the first product in what will be a line of many more stylish and functional products for babies and children.

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