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Goodwipes was born from a dynamic lifestyle. Sam and Charlie, co-founders of Goodwipes were always on the go. But something felt out of place on their daily trek. From the shop to the gym, from the gym to happy hour, from happy hour to dinner, there was SOMETHING missing. Something about the countless, untrustworthy restrooms they were FORCED to use. Something about not having enough time to shower in between life events. One weekend in particular, this uncomfortable level of hygiene led them to a breaking point. They were at a music festival, in the scorching Tampa, Florida sun. There was no shortage of humidity or sweat to boot. Like normal human beings, they had to use the bathroom. But where to go and FEEL CLEAN? Impossible! The two agreed they were desperately in need of something better than toilet paper. They needed a good wipe, for when they couldn’t shower. They needed a good wipe, to remove sweat, dirt, and odor causing bacteria. They needed it for their face and neck, their back, chest, and underarms. What they needed was a cooling sensation to bring them back to life. That feeling of the ultimate clean, outside and in. And they knew that they would need this life-saving crutch, this “goodwipe”, every single day to compliment their lifestyle. From these hygienic crises, goodwipes was born!

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