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Girlie Glue was inspired by a daughter that had very little hair. The creator of Girlie Glue didn’t like tight headbands because they seemed uncomfortable, and fell around her daughter's neck and over her eyes. Her little girl didn't have enough hair for clips and she just wanted a simple bow to stick on her head to let people know she was a girl…even if she wore blue! Moms have been sticking bows to their baby’s heads for years using different mediums for "glue" but they constantly fall off, it is messy to apply, or it is unnatural and harsh on baby's sensitive skin. Originally Girlie Glue was created for own personal use. Girlie Glue is all natural and is made from agave nectar and other natural syrups and sugars. It is safe for baby’s sensitive skin, easy and convenient to use and washes off easily with water. It is very thick, sticks immediately and there is no drying time required. She began using her creation every day. After being asked hundreds of times how she got her daughter’s accessories to stay, she decided to search and see if there was anything else out there. Since there was nothing else out there, her product worked so well, and there was so much interest in it, she decided to patent the idea and start selling Girlie Glue.

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