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Gidget Loves Milo was created because they just couldn't find the right dress for their niece. The dresses they saw were either too expensive, too fancy, or too strange. They figured they could solve this problem for other folks, so they did! That was back in 2011 and they've been going strong ever since. Gidget Loves Milo is an online retailer that is based in Toronto, Canada, but ships around the world. All of their clothing comes from a single manufacturer and is lab-tested to meet strict North American standards for children's wear. Almost everything they sell is machine washable. The companies name, Gidget and Milo comes from the names of the owners two dogs who act just like human siblings. Gidget is 20 pounds of troublemaker squeezed into 7 pounds of princess. She's charming, spunky, fussy, bossy and smart. Milo looks and acts like a teddy bear – and he's about as smart as one too. Being a few wags short of a wagon doesn't take away from Milo's exuberant zest for life. He is a happy dog. Gidget is constantly outsmarting and pestering her big brother. Her shenanigans include taking his bones, stealing his toys and biting his ears when he's napping. A smart, sassy, cute-as-a-button sister and her big, protective, and goofy brother - how could they not name the company after them?

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