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It all began with a family bike ride. Jocelyn's seven-year-old son, Alex, refused to wear his bike helmet, because, well, he didn't think it was cool. Maya, then 9, who has a flair for fashion design and is never far away from a pair of scissors, quickly cut up some paper and glued it down the center of Alex's helmet. The look was inspired - both funky and hip - and Alex, much to Jocelyn's amazement, happily wore his helmet. Problem solved and the inspiration for a product was born. Influenced by their kids and their kids' friends, Jocelyn and Kelly created a line of cool accessories that can easily attach to any kind of safety helmet - instantly transforming annoying headgear into an instant fashion statement. Whether on the slopes, the streets or the pipes, kids can choose from a range of awesome designs each with their own attitude. From long flowing strips fashioned like dreadlocks, to wacky and colorful punk shapes and high-top Mohawks, kids can wear, collect, and swap a wide selection of unique Fohawx accessories - easily switching them out and updating their collections.
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