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In 2007 Feeling Smitten started the first pink mixer to create something fun, sweet, good for you. After researching other bath bomb products and seeing some of the harsh ingredients used in them, they wanted to master the perfect bath creation that they would want to use themselves. Have you ever really looked at some of the ingredients used in most of the popular bath products? EWW, NO THANK YOU! So, with the highest quality ingredients including European Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Citric Acid, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Silk Amino Acids, their first cupcake went out into the world to deliver goodness. Thousands of cupcakes later, you can rest (and relax...we recommend the bath) assured that the same goodness in their first cupcake has only gotten better! They have no doubt that after your first bath with one of their cupcakes, you will be "feeling smitten!"

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