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In 1986, Epilady launched the first electric hair remover (epilator), pioneering the most significant revolution ever in the market of hair removal. Within a short period, Epilady secured its leading position in the international beauty care market and since 1986 has sold over 30 million units. Throughout the world, Epilady's products have created immense international interest at numerous exhibitions in which they were presented. Epilady expanded by leaps and bounds, and both local and international media recognized its amazing growth. The name "Epilady" has become the generic brand name for electric hair removers. As a result of our success, several of the worldโ€™s leading beauty care companies have entered the market, expanding it even further. The first Epilady hair remover became a worldwide necessity, from South America to Europe, from North America to Asia. Today, with our new, patented products, we remain on the frontier of ladiesโ€™ hair removal products. Epilady continues to expand its global reach, mainly through a commitment to excellence, new product development and the creation of fruitful business partnerships

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