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The RecordablePal was created by a mom trying to soothe her newborn baby girl into slumber. Already having tried all the wonderful pre-recorded products that were out there, from colorful mobiles to calming wave sounds and heart beat products. NOTHING helped. Baby only wanted to hear mommy’s voice (sometimes all night long). Proud Grandpa (an engineer and patent developer), seeing how exhausted and frustrated his daughter and granddaughter were, set out to work on a solution. Mommy’s only request was that this creation involve a personal kind of sound and that it be super easy to operate, as moms don’t have time for manuals and cables. Soon after, Grandpa delivered the first recorder and it worked like magic! Mommy recorded babys favorite song, set it to play and tip-towed out of the room, expecting her sweet baby to start crying – but she didn’t!! Mommy shared her recorder with other moms and got amazing feedback. Moms loved it! So together Grandpa and Mommy worked on an adorable yet functional creation, the RecordablePal. Grandpa built the inner workings and recording device while Mommy designed the cozy plush outside and consulted with a child psychologist to create a calm contrast of colors and fabrics perfect for baby.
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