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The kooloo brand of accessories is a creation of Distinctly Himalayan Imports, a Tibetan-owned and run business based in NY. Distinctly Himalayan partners with socially conscious artisans and manufacturers throughout the Himalaya, and kooloo is their exclusive brand of natural, hand-crafted scarves and shawls. Their goal is to meld style and design, while still focusing on finding unique handcrafted accessories at an accessible price. Raised in Nepal and India, the founders have more than just an in-depth knowledge of local cultures and businesses. It is their home, and the people they work with are family and friends. Because of this, the supply side partners are either certified fair trade non-profits, or individual artisans and family run businesses that cannot achieve this status, but still maintain the same high ethical standards. Distinctly Himalayan's goal in all cases is to provide a sufficient amount of work for them to grow and employ more people, while maintaining the highest standards of style and quality.

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