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When asked to describe her work in a word, self-proclaimed Locketeer, Lori Patton, fittingly chooses “heartfelt.” “I like my pieces to have a special, meaningful feel, that touches the heart and leaves an imprint on the soul.” The Dearest Mine Collection is meant to carry a story, start a conversation; honoring the past by using vintage lockets, but also celebrating the present by adding delightful elements of novelty, beauty, and pizazz in each piece. Lori draws much of her inspiration from an era bygone and designs each piece with a nostalgic nod to the past. She creates each keepsake treasure using old world craftsmanship mixed with modern flair and intends each piece to be handed down from generation to generation to continue the cycle of cherished gift-giving. Everyone has a story....yours is waiting to be told!

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