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Entrepreneur and mom Ada Vaughan founded CuteyBaby in early 2009 to bring more fun design to her daughter’s environment. A fan of cloth diapers, Ada began designing and sewing her own in 2008. In an effort to get the functionality of an All-in-one cloth diaper, but have more fun fabrics and design, CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers were born. With a special closure and fashionable look, CuteyBaby Diapers can be worn with just a T-shirt or under a dress and your baby looks “dressed”. Once the diapers were ready, then came accessories like liner sheets and zipper bags for the CuteyBaby brand. Even after potty training, many moms keep on using the cute and handy zipper bags. CuteyBaby's small zipper bags have become one of their best-selling items. CuteyBaby remains focused on making useful and (of course) cute baby products that parents love!

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