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As friends and moms-to-be, they were frustrated by the lack of attractive baby bags while they were pregnant. The struggle to find a perfect diaper bag was real. Practically every baby bag screamed “mom,” and there were very few bags that had both a classic look and the needed functionality of a baby bag. So they decided to make their own! Women know handbags are a staple that can pull an outfit together and sometimes you just need that boost while toting your baby around covered in spit up. Even though the inside of baby bags mostly hold baby’s things, they know that the outside is really for mom-the woman whose desire for fashion doesn’t change upon entering motherhood. They were inspired to create a bag where fashion meets function for the everyday, busy, chic, incredible mom. And because the bag doesn't scream "baby!" it can be carried stylishly for work and travel, too. Since moms care about more than just themselves, charlotte+asher wanted to do the same by helping vulnerable children. They know first-hand how parents want to protect their children and how helpless they feel when they are unable to do so. This is why giving back is so important to them. charlotte+asher are uniting with the teams that help children in need receive a healthier future through vaccinations. Parents have enough things to worry about and fighting preventable diseases should not be one of them.

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