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Butler Overboots are sweet. Cute sweet. Practical sweet. You mean to tell me “I never have to alligator wrestle my child ever again to put boots on their feet” sweet. They’re a candy-colored protective bubble between a monkstrap shoe or a ballerina slipper and a mud puddle mambo on a stormy stroll to pre-school. Butler Overboots are that kind of sweet. Nature can be a real mother, and the snow and rain and muck draws kids like moths to a porch light. But we know it’s even more of a mother to get a boot on a child who would rather be doing anything in the world than putting on a boot. That’s why our boots are designed with pit crew efficiency – step in, strap on, go out. Simple, in a genius kind of way. Style will never go out of style, and neither will keeping your kids protected and your sanity in check. Butler has your back. And your feet. We’re here to make life easy and put a smile on your face. Nothing takes care of you like a Butler.
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