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When Kathy Fitzgerald's son Kyson was about 2 months old, she was burping him and was fed up with getting spit up all over her clothes. The typical burp cloth was either not big enough or just didn't stay put. Kathy did some research to see if there was a burp cloth product available that stayed in place. As she realized that there really wasn't a product available that met her needs, Kathy had her aha moment. She set to work to create a burping shawl that didn't fall off and also was cute and stylish enough to wear out in public. Every mother wants to keep their clothes still looking nice and clean when they are at a restaurant, church, mall or even just at home when they are burping their babies. Kathy recruited her mom, a professional seamstress to help. Kathy had watched and helped her mom sew since she was a little girl. Kathy came up with the design and her mom sewed it. Through trial and error, they came up with the perfect burp shawl! Kathy's mom sews while she cuts patterns - they are a great team of two. Burp Necessity is handmade by mother and daughter. They take a lot of time and care to make an excellent quality and long lasting product for mothers to use with their precious babies.

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