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If Black Hearts Brigade’s mission could be broken down to a single line it would be this: They make clothing for the adventurous kind. This central idea has allowed them over the years to build a fluid line that is continually defined by their designers’ love of great music, film, fashion, and art. And no matter what the medium, what drives the artist is the need to take certain beautiful, fleeting moments and cast them in a new light, to make them last just a bit longer. When putting together each new line, whether it’s women’s or men’s, the one constant they always return to is their love of music. Since Black Hearts is comprised of fresh faces, those who saw the Sex Pistols live, and every age in between, just try to imagine what their office playlist sounds like on any given day. When they step back and consider all the music that shaped them over the decades, one indisputable link in this chain is the clothing they choose.

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