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Amy, the pround owner and founder of Big Bee, Little Bee is a mommy, voice actor, inventor, and former special educator. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Rob, their daughter Marlo, and their two dogs, Walter and Auggie. When it was time to take her daughter out of the bath and dry her off, the shrieking began. And who could really blame her? She was uncomfortable and cold. For the sake of her happiness and their ears, she knew she had to make the process quicker and more comfortable for her daughter. What she needed was a baby towel with cushioning in the back and a little more available fabric but just couldn’t find one. Although she couldn’t sew, she set out to create a special towel for her daughter. After playing with different cuts she settled upon the one that made the most sense. When she stepped back from it, she saw it: a snow angel! Big Bee Little bee is also very proud to support many nonprofit organizations that help mamas and babies in need.

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