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It all happened on a long family road trip. Sarah, a Bergies co-founder, was disgusted when her 3-year old kicked off her ballet flats in the backseat. Wow! How could such cute little feet create such big odor? Then she realized the whole family had spent the week walking around Southern Utah in shoes without socks. Everyone in the family had stinky feet. It wasn’t long before Sarah enlisted the help of her brother, Dave. They set out on a quest to rid the world of smelly shoes and feet while making the trend of going sockless more comfortable. After a year of experimenting with different materials and fragrances they had the solution and launched Bergies, affectionately named after that same adorable 3-year-old with stinky feet! Now the world has a simple solution to a universal problem. When wearing your favorite shoes without socks, you won’t have to worry about wetness and odor and the thin lining makes it more comfortable. Try Bergies today. Get out there and GO SOCKLESS!

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