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Ronnie and Claire Ekelund moved from Europe to the United States in 2000. Ronnie, a professional soccer player with a 19-year career in some of the best clubs in Europe, had just signed a contract with the San Jose Earthquakes. Together with their 6-month-old daughter, they settled in Los Gatos, California. Fast-forward 3 years and 2 MLS Cups: Ronnie is still playing for the Earthquakes and Claire is expecting their second child. While preparing for life with a new baby, Claire is gifted with a cover to use while nursing. While it was a thoughtful gift, the cover wasn’t Claire’s style and the functionality just wasn’t there. So, she set about making her own using beautiful fabric and adding elements to make her nursing cover truly functional. Once their new baby came along, Claire began using the nursing cover she had made. After overhearing countless compliments and requests of where admirers could find their own, Ronnie decided it was time they to turn this idea into a business. Initially, all nursing covers were handmade by Claire– but as word quickly spread and press and local retailers heard of the product, Ronnie and Claire decided to outsource production, and focused their efforts on growing the business. The company was initially called Hooter Hiders as a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ reference to the purpose of the product, but Ronnie and Claire decided that in order for the business to grow, a more sophisticated name was needed. In reflection of their time spent in Toulouse, France ‘Bébé au Lait’ was chosen as the company name and Hooter Hiders became a line within the Bébé au Lait brand.

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