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Once upon a time, there was a little boy trying to get into his car seat, but mommy & daddy were not happy about the car’s upholstery being stepped on. The little boy had to be lifted up by mommy or daddy every time he was getting in his car seat (mommy and daddy’s backs were not happy). After sitting in his car seat the boy started getting restless, his feet were dangling into the abyss so the boy decided to start kicking the back of mommy and daddy’s seat (mommy and daddy were still not happy). During long trips, the little boy’s legs were still dangling off the car seat; his little developing feet needed a cushy and comfortable place to rest. After searching all across the land for a high-quality automobile footrest without any luck, mommy and daddy created Steppy! The Steppy came to the rescue with its beautiful, functional design and high-quality materials. Thanks to Steppy, the little boy could access his car seat without having to step all over the upholstery. He had a nice and comfortable footrest during car trips, and the family lived happily ever after.

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