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When on vacation in Hawaii, the creator of BTC, a mompreneur, was frustrated when she couldn’t find clips to secure a blanket over her son’s stroller to shade him during a nap. Upon returning home she was unable to find any product that would easily allow her to shade the stroller - the only solution she could find was to use bull clips, which were ugly, damaged fabric, and were hard to use. She looked for months to source the perfect clip that would be easy to open with one hand (while holding a baby) and that would open wide enough to accommodate both the stroller and the blanket. After determining the best strap material and length, she discovered that an adjustable strap would make Baby TripClips useful for so many more things. Moms can throw away the nursing cover, the bibs, and the toy leash they keep in their diaper bag. All you need is One Clip for the Whole Trip!

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