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It’s Anna Naturals' mission to provide great-tasting, natural products to all of their customers—including women trying to conceive, pregnant women, and new moms. Anna Naturals, based in Lehi, Utah, started with one new mama. She promised herself that she would do everything possible to give the best care to her newborn daughter, Anna, including breastfeeding for at least a year. She soon learned keeping her supply up was hard with a full-time, stressful career. She heard of the wonders of fenugreek tea and began drinking it daily! The miracle herbal tea worked; her supply was up! But the tea tasted horrible and choking down the foul-tasting tea wasn’t her favorite. Through trial and error, she developed the Nursing Mama blend of herbal tea, and Anna Naturals was born! The new blend still boosted her supply and tasted fantastic! Anna Naturals now carries several lines of herbal tea for pregnant women, new moms, and those trying to conceive. They've also added all-natural skin care products, bath and body products, and essential oils for everyday use!

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