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Andy & Evan left corporate America in 2009 with the mission of building an apparel company that was both product and customer-service driven. The pair started out by travelling the globe to source the finest fabrics and learn the secrets of crafting high quality garments. Andy & Evan debuted their brand by offering high quality men’s custom tailored shirts, quickly building a loyal following, and gaining keen insight into fit and bespoke detailing. Shortly thereafter, Andy (our co-founder) had a little baby boy of his own, and the pair noticed a void in the marketplace for well-made boys clothing. The little gentlemen collection was then born. Andy & Evan focus on creating dressy & dressy-casual clothing for boys that is both practical and fashionable. Fit, detail, and style are paramount. The company litmus test for every garment designed and produced is “would Andy or Evan wear this?”. We like to think of it as a collection for little gentlemen, designed by actual gentlemen. And with Moms (AND DADS) cheering that “someone finally made a proper collection for boys!”, we know something is working.
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