Eric Devericks was a professional cartoonist. Brian Pond designed golf putters. David Morelock loved to surf. And Tom Morris was a proud geek. The four friends couldn’t have been more different. But they all had one thing in common: They were dads and they prided themselves on being good ones. Change a diaper? No sweat. Soothe a screaming newborn? Right away. Pull a splinter? Kiss a boo-boo? Laugh at really bad knock-knock jokes? Of course. But there was another thing they had in common, experience with chores that really shouldn’t be chores. Together, the four fathers co-founded the new company that was "proud to be able to share it with other dads and moms" Pond said. Parents began raving about the quality and price for their amazing products and that sort of praise made the four dads feel pretty good. “We all know how hard it is to be good parents,” Morris said. “If we can do anything to make other parents’ lives easier, that makes us happy.” “When you can take a problem and solve it, that feels great,” Devericks added. “And when you can take a problem and solve it for a lot of other people, that feels any better. But when you can take a problem and turn the answer into something that’s just so darn adorable — well, there’s just no topping that.”

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