About KidSteals.com

Hi there, we're KidSteals.com. No, we're not encouraging kids to start thieving, nor are we proponents of kidnapping. But, we do encourage grabbing our steals in your getaway cart. At KidSteals.com we sell products from hot brands each day at 50%-80% off until they sell out. We feature one incredible steal a day at 8am PST and when it's gone, it's gone. Act fast, because we sell out quick and if you hesitate, you'll lose out. These aren't just deals they're steals...KidSteals!

We have kids too. We understand what it takes to juggle it all. We search for you and bring you the best products at the best price from the best brands in the industry. No more wasting time, scouring the clearance racks at your local stores in between trips to the grocery store and the soccer games. We're here for you. We'll bring you what's hip for your kids without breaking your budget.

We don't rest on holidays or Sundays — we're as loyal to you as your morning paper. Make sure to check back each day at 8am PST for another great steal and you'll soon find that your KidSteals.com appointment is one you won't want to miss.

We want your kids to have everything they need, plus the little splurges they want, without putting a dent in your wallet. Don't take our word for it though, check out what real "stealers" are saying on Facebook and Twitter to get the first-hand scoop. You'll never miss a steal when you sign up for our Steal E-mail Alert, because at 50-80% off, you can't afford to miss a kidsteal.

We are so happy you're here and we're sure you'll be back every day. Happy stealing!